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3 tips for a plastic-free wardrobe & laundry

1. For the frequently wardrobe essentials, switch to 100% natural fibres.

We all have our favourite pieces of clothes that we wear often. Especially in times of COVID, lots of us are wearing the same clothes everyday! That said, for the clothes that need to be washed often, go for cotton, Tencel, linen and hemp. For winter, go for 100% wool and cashmere to keep you warm.

2. Wear and wash your synthetic clothes less often

Switching to 100% natural fibres doesn't mean you will have to throw away the clothes that contain synthetic fibres! Keep them to avoid the landfill. Wear them for special occasions. If you wear it every now and then, it means you won't need to wash them often, and therefore, no microplastics will be flushed down the waterways.

3. Filter the microfibres in the washing

There are some exciting innovations to tackle the microplastics problem:

Our solution: refillable laundry powder in glass jars

Plus, delivered to your door. We refill and deliver a laundry powder and a dishwasher powder, proudly made by SimplyClean from Lismore, NSW. SimplyClean has been committed to making truly eco-friendly products for more than a decade.

Both products are loved by our customers, especially families with young children. We collect your empty glass jar and deliver your refill to help reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions. Shop here


This article is produced as part of our Plastic Free July 2020 collaobration with Citizen Wolf. For more information, head to ReCo x Citizen Wolf.

Photography: Jason de Plater.

Danling Xiao