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6 facts you need to know about your laundry detergent

Got annoying white residual on your washed clothes? Does 'natural' laundry detergent mean it's absolutely good for you? Have you considered switching laundry detergent if your child has eczema?

We caught up with our product partner, Huw from SimplyClean, to help you understand more about the laundry detergent you use. 

Why? Because it's important to know what you use in your clothes and bed sheets, which you use every single day yes, even if you're using one that claims to be 'natural'. 

Is laundry liquid better than powder?

A good quality laundry powder and a good quality laundry liquid will give almost the same results, but a powder will always perform better in terms of cleaning power, due to the way the ingredients behave in the mixture.

In terms of the environment, we could say that laundry powder is more efficient in terms of reducing carbon footprint. A laundry liquid is effectively various ingredients dissolved in water to allow them to come together, which means this extra water is being moved around the country to get it into customers’ homes.

Why is there white stuff on my clothes after washing?

The residue on washed clothes are mainly caused by fillers, which are commonly used by the supermarket big brands. 

These fillers do not help the washing process they are low cost and low quality, so they don't dissolve well. This is why people experience residual powder on clothes after a wash. The fillers also clog up the pipework in your washing machine and can cause plumbing or machine issues. 

Fillers are used to bulk up the products, so you need to buy more.

Is it harmful to use laundry detergents that have synthetic fragrances or allergens?

The more you exposed to allergens, the more likely you can become allergic to it over time. Whilst you may not be allergic at the moment, long-term use of allergens can trigger a sensitivity or an allergic reaction. It’s best for everyone to stay away from harsh chemicals. Always check the list of ingredients.

Huw's tips:

Look for these ingredients to avoid when purchasing a laundry detergent:

  • Synthetic fragrances. Most commercial brands have synthetic fragrances.
  • Dyes
  • Enzymes
  • Fillers. They get caught in the fabric fibres and do not rinse away, so clothes can physically scratch or chemically irritate sensitive skin.

Do ‘triple action’ laundry detergents perform better?

As we mentioned about the fillers before, generally speaking, a ‘triple action’ product is the same product – just with less fillers. They still have some fillers, but not as much. It’s pure marketing.

Should the scent of the detergent stay on my clothes?

If you can’t smell the fragrance after the wash, then our product and your machine are working perfectly! Remember you asked about the supermarket products that leave residual powder on clothes? Well, if the product is high quality and your machine is working well, then the powder will rinse fully away leaving NOTHING (including the fragrance), except fresh clean clothes.

In other words, there shouldn't be anything left. Because if there's a fragrance left, that means the washing machine hasn't gotten rid of everything in the wash.

If it smells, it's on your clothes – and it could be on your skin.

Does 'natural' means good?

The word 'natural' does not necessarily mean healthy.

Is cyanide natural? It is a naturally produced poison. Is it good for you? No. So natural and healthy are not the same things. We don't focus on 'natural', because that doesn't actually tell you anything.

So what we say is, forget 'natural'. What we're interested in is healthy and environmentally friendly. Does it do harm to the environment? Is it healthy to humans? Is it healthy to pets? That's a good product.

A cleaning detergent can perform perfectly without any harmful chemicals.

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