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30-day money-back guarantee
for your 1st order

July news: +130 plastic container saved!


I love this quote from Citizen Wolf: Sustainability is about progress, not perfection.

It's a good reminder to us to keep improving ReCo, but also to celebrate every milestone achieved in the journey. We're excited to share with you our progress in the last month:

Our 1st refill

We collected our first empty container from Jo, and delivered two full ones to her! Jo runs our local printing company, Fast Print Service and has been supporting us tremendously in getting ReCo off the ground.

+130 containers

More than 130 containers are out at 80 people's homes and offices now. It means, we've potentially saved more than 130 plastic containers or plastic-lined packaging from being made and entering the world.

30 suburbs

We've delivered to 30 suburbs in Sydney. Our minimum packaging means absolutely no plastic from any ReCo order goes into the bins in these suburbs.

We were featured on Broadsheet Sydney

We're humbled to be called 'innovating the household cleaning product space' by Broadsheet Sydney. We know we're far from innovating, but innovation is part of the roadmap and we will slowly and steadily get there. Read the article on Broadsheet.

We've achieved this together, thank you!

ReCo is developed from many rounds of user research by our trial participants and advisors. Without the knowledge, we wouldn't have achieved such success within a short time. We want to thank our trial participants and advisors for all your support in the past year.

We also want to thank you - whether you have shopped with us, wrote to us to share your feedback and postcode request, signed up to this newsletter to stay in the loop, we welcome you to join our journey full heartedly.

Happy washing,

Danling & Anett
Founders, ReCo

Danling Xiao