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30-day money back guarantee for your 1st order.

COVID-19 food delivery

Order before 1pm for free, next day delivery.
No minimum order.
Service provided by Cafe 0.6,
1a/11 Bowden Street, Alexandria

5% of profit is donated to our local organisation
Youth Off The Streets.

Deliver to these Sydney postcodes:

2000, 2007–2011, 2015–2018, 2020–2022, 2024–2028,
2037–2044, 2048–2050,
2031–2034, 2130–2131, 2203–2204

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Cafe 0.6 is a beloved cafe by the locals, located on
11 Bowden Street, Alexandria. Its crafted coffee and
Asian-influeced menu is a delight to Sydney’s cafe scene.

During COVID-19, owners Michelle and Bobby have been
doing delivery themselves to make sure their customers
stay safe at home. The team strictly follows hygiene
rules and physical distancing. Masks and gloves are worn
at all times during food preparation and delivery.

To ensure food safety, compostable packaging is used
and plastic packaging is avoided where it can be.  

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