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Household goods in reusable packaging | Cleaned, refilled & delivered from Alexandria
Household goods in reusable packaging
Cleaned, refilled & delivered from Alexandria
Measuring spoon
Measuring spoon
Measuring spoon

Measuring spoon

Custom description

Deliver to these postcodes only:

2000, 2007–2011, 2015–2018, 2020–2022, 2024–2027,
2037–2044, 2048–2050,
2031–2034, 2130–2131, 2203–2204

Food grade stainless steel. 20g per scoop.

Measures the perfect dosage for our products:

Laundry powder
Front loader: 1 scoop per load
Top loader: 1.5 scoop per load

Dishwasher powder
3/4 scoop per load or fill up dispenser

Fit perfectly inside the containers. It’s stainless steel so you can always reuse it!

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Food grade stainless steel

Product page positive impact

Why every ReCo
refill counts

Fewer harsh chemicals

Number of harsh chemicals in
conventional cleaning products
(e.g. laundry detergent)
Allergens found in
conventional household
Preservatives, enzymes, parabens, colours and dyes, synthetic fragrance

Less plastic pollution

Years a plastic container
stays in the environment
400 years

Fewer recurring carbon emissions (CO2e)

Manufacturing a 1L plastic container 80g
Delivery (interstate) (600 miles) 115g
Delivering a used container to a
local recycling centre
Recycling to produce recycled plastic 35g
Possible sea shipping from overseas 3g
Total benefits for every ReCo refill
Reduce harsh chemicals: +25 types
Reduce CO2e: 253g
Avoid one plastic container staying
in the environment for: 400 years
Reference:,,,, How Bad Are Bananas?: The carbon footprint of everything, Mike Berners-Lee. Estimate only.

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