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30-day money-back guarantee
for your 1st order

About us

Why every ReCo

Only 30% of plastic packaging waste gets recycled in Australia.
The rest ends up in our pristine environment. Every year, more than
1 million marine animals are killed due to plastic debris in the ocean.

Our mission at ReCo is to design plastic waste out of our life.
We believe this is the best solution to help relieve the burden on
the recycling industry and reduce pollution.

With every refill, you’re helping us re-imagine and co-create
a sustainable future - It’s ReCo. See? Join us.

Danling & Anett
Founders, ReCo

About Danling

Danling’s spent more than a decade working as a communication designer and strategist, but she's most passionate about solving the environmental problems. She's best known for her Instagram account, Mundane Matters, which landed coverage in more than 30 print and broadcast outlets around the world.

In fact, ReCo is a result of years of Danling's research and practicing sustainable living herself. Danling believes ReCo solves her own plastic waste problem, but also many others who care about our planet.

Danling has a daily routine of morning meditation, yoga, qi gong and afternoon walks at Sydney Park. Her favourite things are trees. They're often in her meditation. She obsessively believes she was a tree in her past life.

About Anett

Anett is a natural-born creator. At the age of 27, she made her way to Australia from a small town in Hungary. Knowing only a few English words, without any financial support, she's made her her Australian dream come true with her courage, intelligence and determination - nothing is impossible for Anett!

During her life in Sydney, Anett has accumulated 12 years of retail experiences from various roles at the global denim icon, G-Star RAW. Over the years, Anett’s retail career has evolved from a flagship store manager, to an account manager for 16 retail stores and two franchise partners in Australia, to a planner/allocator during company acquisition and a merchandise buyer in her final role. 

Anett joined ReCo when she was made redundant due to COVID-19. As Danling's life partner, Anett has inspired Danling's work tremendously and been through the ReCo journey as a witness - it was the perfect timing for Anett to bring her skillset to put the ReCo puzzle together!

About our co-creators

We always believe the best thing about Sydney is its people. ReCo is a living proof. We've been extremely fortunate to have many great people of kind hearts and incredible talents to join us in the journey of creating ReCo, since we started building the prototype in July 2019.

We're thankful to our co-creators, also very proud to call them our co-creators.  Our co-creators come from all kinds of backgrounds. They're the experts in their industries and they're the best people to work with. Check out our co-creator list.