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Refill as you go. No commitment | 30-day money-back guarantee for your 1st order
30-day money-back guarantee
for your 1st order


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Due to COVID-19, we are currently working from our home office in Alexandria.

You might find us sometimes at our COVID Food Delivery partner Cafe 0.6 on
1a/11 Bowden Street, Alexandria.

We are @reco.syd on Intagram and Facebook.

Email us at We respond within 1-3 hours.


1. Where do you source your products?

Our laundry powder and dishwasher powder are proudly made by Huw and Becky Jones from SimplyClean® in Lismore, NSW. SimplyClean is all about high-quality household cleaning with a conscience. Huw and Becky are committed to helping Australian homes be as safe and healthy as possible. This has resulted completely non-toxic, carcinogen-free, sensitiser-free products that are safe for human health and the environment.

2. Will you have other products?

Yes! Our goal is to provide you refills for a range of personal care and home cleaning products. We're currently running a trial for a hand wash liquid and dishwashing liquid.

We've learnt from our trial that refilling liquid products is not a straight-forward task. As we learn from you, we will be able to design and build a better refill system for all products - that's why your participation is so important in making this initiative work for all of us!


1. Am I committed to refilling once I make a purchase?

No, there is no commitment to refill. However, it's recommended that you order a refill later, so that we can make the most out the reusable container.

How to order a refill? Simply purchase the same product!

2. There's still a bit of powder in my container. What do I do?

Just go ahead and order the product. You can save the tiny bit in a separate container, or leave it in the container and our delivery person will tip it into your new container for you.

3. How do I receive the $2 store credit when my empty container is collected?

$2 will be credited to your ReCo account once the container is back in our system. You will receive an email.

You can use the credit any time or gift it to your friend and family by logging into your ReCo account. First time logging in? You will need to set up your password via 'Forgot password'.

4. Are the containers properly cleaned and sanitised?

Health and safety is our priority. All containers collected are washed and rinsed in a commercial glass washing machine. They are air dried overnight.

Delivery & collection

1. Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver within 12km from Alexandria, NSW, to these Sydney postcodes: 1350, 1485, 1560, 2000, 2006–2011, 2015–2050, 2060–2066, 2088–2090, 2110–2112, 2127, 2130–2140, 2150, 2191–2195, 2203–2209, 2216–2220, 2222

If we can’t deliver to your area, don’t be disappointed. Please email us and let us know where you are. We'll make our way to yours in the near future!

2. How much do I pay for delivery?

$4.95. This fee helps cover part of our cost to hand deliver, collect, clean and refill the containers.

3. How long does it take to receive my order?

We deliver every Wednesday and Friday.

If you would like to receive your order earlier, let us know. We may be able to deliver to you sooner if we're out and about!

4. Do you deliver to offices?

Yes, we do! But if you have an empty container, you will need to bring it to your office. Also, make sure you colleagues know about it so that they don't throw it away!

5. Can I return my empty container without ordering a new product?

Yes! Email us and we'll organise collection when we are in your area.

Unforeseen events

1. What if I break the container?

You’re not responsible for any damage to the container. But please be very careful if you accidentally break them. We do not take any responsibility if you hurt yourself.

2. What if I forget to prepare the container for collection?

You can keep the container and we’ll collect it in our next delivery. If you must return it, let us know and we’ll organise a collection when we’re in your area.

3. What if my order has gone missing outside my building?

As you authorise us to leave your order and collect the empty container outside your building, we do not take any responsibility if anything goes missing. This also means you won't receive the store credit if we can't find your empty container.

4. Can I keep the container?

Of course, but make sure you reuse it!


1. Who is it for?

For your first order, if you don't like the product, return it. Within 30 days of receipt, products purchased from us can be returned and refunded for any reason.

2. How do I send back the products?

You'll need to organise delivery of the product back to us, or drop it off at Cafe 0.6, Alexandria. Delivery fee is non-refundable.

COVID Food Delivery

1. What is it?

The COVID Food Delivery is a collaboration with our local cafe, Cafe 0.6. It's a special service to support our local business and community during COVID-19.

2. Are the food products packaged in reusable packaging?

No. Food products are packaged in conventional packaging due to health and safety concerns. Cafe 0.6 uses compostable food packaging as much as they can.

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