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Refill as you go. No commitment | 30-day money-back guarantee for your 1st order
30-day money-back guarantee
for your 1st order


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1. Where do you source your products?

Our laundry powder, dishwasher powder and stain remover are proudly made by SimplyClean® in Lismore, NSW. SimplyClean is run by husband and wife Huw and Becky Jones in the Northern Rivers. Its products have been loved by the eco-conscious community in Australia and around the world for more than a decade. SimplyClean has won three 2021 Business Awards: Excellence in Manufacturing, Excellence in Small Business and Northern Rivers Business of the Year.

2. Will you have other products?

Yes! Our goal is to refill a range of personal care and home cleaning products, to drastically reduce our reliance on single-use plastics. We're working on expanding our product range with our trial participants and suppliers.


1. Am I committed to refilling once I make a purchase?

There is no commitment, however, it's recommended that you refill - that's the purpose of ReCo.

How to order a refill? Simply purchase the same product. Get your empty jar ready. We'll pick it up when we deliver your refill.

2. There's still a bit of powder in my container. What do I do?

You can save the tiny bit in a separate container or a bowl, and place a new order.

3. How do I receive the $2 store credit when my empty jar is collected?

$2 will be credited to your ReCo account once your jar is back in our system. You will receive an email notification.

First time logging in to your account? You should receive an account invite, as soon as you get your store credit. Check your inbox. Set up your password and you're ready to use your credit.

4. Are the jars properly cleaned and sanitised?

Health and safety is our priority. All containers collected are washed and rinsed in a commercial glass washing machine. They are air dried overnight.

5. Please use our jars with care: avoid wet surfaces.

Please do not place jar on wet surfaces, to avoid slippery jar surface and stripping of colours. We're working on our next generation jars, which will be much more durable. We're excited to launch them in the next few months!

Delivery & collection

1. Where do you deliver?

Please check your postcode at checkout.

If we can’t deliver to your area, don’t be disappointed. Please email us and let us know where you are. We'll make our way to yours in the near future.

2. How much do I pay for delivery?

$5.95. This fee helps cover part of our cost to hand deliver, collect, clean and refill the jars.

3. How long does it take to receive my order?

We deliver within 1-4 working days once you place your order. If you need to receive your order earlier, let us know. We'll do our best to deliver to you - your washing is important to us!

4. Do you deliver to offices?

Yes, we do! If you have an empty jar, you will need to bring it to your office. We'll remind you on the day before delivery.

5. Can I return my empty jar without ordering a new product?

Yes! Email us and we'll organise collection when we are in your area.

Unforeseen events

1. What if I break the jar?

You’re not responsible for any damage to the container. But please be very careful if you accidentally break them. We do not take any responsibility if you hurt yourself. Keep it away from water to avoid any slipper jar surfaces.

2. What if I stain the surface where I place the jar?

There might be minor stripping of colours when the jars are placed on wet surfaces, so please keep jar away from water. We do not take responsibility if you stain your surface. We're working on our next generation jars, which will be much more durable. We're excited to launch them in the next few months!

3. What if I forget to prepare the empty jar for collection?

You can keep the jar and we’ll collect it in our next delivery. If you must return it, let us know and we’ll organise a collection when we’re in your area.

4. What if my order has gone missing outside my building?

As you authorise us to leave your order and collect the empty jar outside your building, we do not take any responsibility if anything goes missing. This also means you won't receive the store credit if we can't find your empty jar.

4. Can I keep the jar?

You can, however, it's recommended that you order a refill and return your jar - that's the purpose of ReCo.


We guarantee you'll love our products. But if not, return it for a full refund of the products* within 30 days of receipt. You'll need to cover the return delivery fee.

*T&Cs: our 30-day money-back guarantee only applies to the refillable products. It does not apply to all accessories, including the Guppyfriend washing bag.

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