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30-day money-back guarantee
for your 1st order

We’re in a global
environmental crisis

plastic waste

It takes 400 years

for plastic to degrade

6.3 billion
metric tons

of plastic waste exist in the world

8 million pieces
of plastic

enters our oceans every day

+1 million sea animals

are killed by marine plastic pollution each year

Microplastic pollution creates long-term damage to our soils, sediments and freshwater ecosystems. If you eat seafood, you might be eating microplastics too.


Household toxic chemicals

Number of toxic chemicals in
an average household

62 toxic chemicals

These chemicals could cause

asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption and neurotoxicity

These chemicals are eventually rinsed down the drain. The chemical residues can affect wildlife over time, accelerate plant growth and interfere with the ecosystem.


Greenhouse gas emissions & climate change

Conventional plastic is made from
fossil fuels - one of the industries
that produces
the most carbon emissions

Since 1970, CO2 emissions
have increased by

about 90%

Human emissions of GHG have
increased global temperatures by

1°C since pre-industrial times

Most mass-produced products are created many miles from you and undergo several phases of travel to get to your location. When you throw away packaging for recycling, it may again undergo phases of travel to get to the recycling centre.

All that production, transportation and recycling has enormous hidden environmental costs.


how RECO helps to
solve these problems

  1. No more single-use plastic

    Our glass jars can be used for a long time. By reusing and handling them carefully, we will no longer need any extra jar, not to mention a plastic one!

    We use minimal packaging for delivery. Our sample delivery is packaged in home-compostable, plant-based and reusable satchels from Better Packaging Co.

    On the production side, we donate the plastic pails from our suppliers for repurposing. Unfortunately, conventional packaging is still used by some of our suppliers. We do our best to reduce packaging from their end, and we believe we will inspire more positive changes as we collaborate.

  2. designed by people,
    for people

    ReCo is constantly developing based on user feedback from trials, customers and social media. Read more Most importantly, we put these feedback into practice to improve our service! If you have anything to share, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at
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ReCo's journey

  • 2015: Raising awareness

    Danling Xiao started Mundane Matters to raise awareness
    for sustainable living.

  • 2017: World Circular Economy Forum

    Danling attended The World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki. The event inspired her to explore circular economy further back at home in Australia.

  • 2017-2018: Wasteland

    Mundane Matters worked with 9 other local businesses and volunteers, to build Wasteland, a 24-metre tall installation made from marine plastics collected from the Great Barrier Reef. Wasteland is support by the City of Sydney Art & About.

  • May 2019: SheStarts Bootcamp

    Working with FMCG product specialist Eva Wildsperger, Danling’s initial reuse idea was selected to be part of the BlueChilli SheStarts Bootcamp. Early user research took place.

  • Jun 2019: London Circular Economy Week

    Danling attended the Circular Economy Week in London, came back determined to create a truly waste-free system in her community.

  • Jul-Oct 2019: Building from ground up

    Explored options, designed the initial system, collected information
    and planned ReCo’s first three-month trial.

  • Oct-Jan 2019: Trial and findings

    Learned from the trial and re-iterated the system according to
    user feedback.

  • May 2020: Beta launch online

    Introduced our first two products as COVID-19 condition eases in Sydney.

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Join us to co-create a green and sustainable future together.

Share with us your user feedback, ideas and skills.
Drop us a line at