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Colombian arepas - pulled pork

Colombian arepas - pulled pork

Custom description

Inspired by our Colombian friends, these homemade arepas (corn meal) are not only tasty but also gluten free and compliments any meat and dips served alongside.

In this kit – you will find our arepas (4 pieces) with 6-hour pulled pork, smashed avocado (seasoned) and tasty relish with pickled jalapeno and Pepe Saya butter. All made in-house.

Gluten free.

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Serves 2

Reheating Instructions

1. Warm up arepas & pulled pork in oven or microwave for 5-10 minutes (low heat).

2. Spread or dip your warm arepas with ingredients

Bon Appétit!

Store in fridge. Must consumed within 3 days.

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