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Refill as you go. No commitment | 30-day money-back guarantee for your 1st order
30-day money-back guarantee
for your 1st order
Dual pack laundry and dishwashing powder
woman scooping dishwashing powder with stainless steel spoon
delivered to you Sydney laundry powder

Dual Pack laundry + dishwasher powder

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Laundry powder (850g)
Dishwasher powder (850g)
Stainless steel measuring spoon (1)

Handcrafted by the award-winning eco brand SimplyClean in the heart of Northern Rivers, NSW. Boosted by the natural antibacterial and antifungal power of lemon myrtle oil. Super concentrated.

Comes with a food-grade stainless steel spoon (10g per scoop).

EASY REFILL: we collect, clean and refill your empty glass jar. You get a $2 reward for your next refill.
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Laundry powder: from $0.36 per load
Dishwasher powder: from $0.24 per load

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  • 30 Days
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  • $2 Reward
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Laundry powder, dishwasher powder and a measuring spoon. Suitable for first-time order.

Guaranteed powerful cleaning
with only natural ingredients.
  • Lemon myrtle laundry powder
    No fillers. Fillers are used to bulk up the products, leaving trace of unknown chemicals in your washing. No artificial fragrance, enzymes or any allergen. 100% trusted by users who have sensitive skin or choose to stay away from allergens.
  • Lemon myrtle dishwasher powder
    Built-in rinse aid. Suitable for all dishwashers. Finalist of Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2020.
  • One less plastic measuring cup for recycling or landfill. Stainless steel measuring spoon is reusable.
  • 75% of our users refill every 3 to 4 months. One jar lasts for 42 washes for front loader, 28 washes for top loader washing machine; and up to 70 loads for dishwasher (depending on size of the dishwasher).
  • Handcrafted by the award-winning eco brand SimplyClean in the heart of Northern Rivers, NSW. SimplyClean has won three 2021 Business Awards: Excellence in Manufacturing, Excellence in Small Business and Northern Rivers Business of the Year. 

Laundry powder: Lemon myrtle oil, sodium carbonate (washing soda), pentasodium triphosphate (water softener), sodium metasilicate (mineral based, anti-corrosive agent to protect the dishwasher) ... see full list, sodium carbonate peroxide (oxy-action sanitiser), disodium sulphate (mineral salt), polyacrylic acid (water softener), dodecanol (rinse aid).

Dishwasher powder: Lemon myrtle oil, sodium carbonate (washing soda), sodium percarbonate (oxy-action sanitiser and stain remover), sodium citrate & tetrasodium edta & polyacrylic acid (water softeners), disodium silicate (mineral based corrosion inhibitor protects cutlery and dishwasher), fatty alcohol alkoxylate (rinse aid).

Use with care: please do not place glass jar on wet or delicate surfaces. Please use our stain remover if you need to remove stains.

"We’re committed to helping
Australian homes be safe and healthy."

Huw Jones, Co-founder, SimplyClean

SimplyClean is run by husband and wife Huw and Becky Jones in the Northern Rivers. Its products have been loved by the eco-conscious community in Australia and around the world for more than a decade. SimplyClean has won three 2021 Business Awards: Excellence in Manufacturing, Excellence in Small Business and Northern Rivers Business of the Year.


+2,000 plastic bottles saved


Are your products suitable for my machines?

Our laundry powder is perfect for any washing machine! It’s fine to use in front loaders, top loaders and for handwashing. In fact, it’s better than many commercial laundry powders because it contains no fillers, which can damage your washing machine over time.

Our dishwasher powder is also perfect for any dishwasher and can replace your dishwashing tablet, which may contain plastic.

Is your laundry powder good for my children and sensitive skin?

Our product partner SimplyClean has been perfecting this formula for 10+ years. The laundry powder is best for sensitive skin as it doesn't contain any allergens and it's gentle on the skin.

We do not make any claims about how your skin will respond to this product. Some of our customers tell us they or their children have sensitive skin and say they love our laundry powder, but this is feedback from our customers only. Please check the ingredient list before making a purchase.

Can your laundry powder remove stains?

Our laundry powder doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals so it won’t serve as a stain remover. Active ingredients in stain removers can include ammonia, bleach, enzymes and d-limonene.

If you need to remove stains, try using a stain remover sparingly. Or look for a product that contains less harsh chemicals.

I’m still using my existing product. How long can I store yours for?

Our product shelf life is 12 months. Lots of our customers started using our product along with their existing product, slowly transitioning to using ours completely. You have no commitment to refill, so you can use it for as long as you like, and refill whenever you’re ready.

What’s the dosage?

Laundry powder: front loader 20g; top loader 30g; Handwash 20g. Dishwasher powder: 15g per load or half-fill the dispenser. For a larger load, fill the dispenser (30g).

Do not overuse. The dosage is written on the product labels. Our measuring spoon measures 10g per flat spoon.

For questions about our refill delivery process, visit FAQ