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Refill as you go. No commitment | 30-day money-back guarantee for your 1st order
30-day money-back guarantee
for your 1st order
Measuring spoon
Measuring spoon
Measuring spoon

Measuring spoon

Custom description

Food-grade stainless steel spoon

One flat spoon measures 10g of our laundry powder and dishwasher powder.

Laundry powder: front loader 2 spoons; top loader 3 spoons.
Dishwasher powder: 1.5 spoons or 3 spoons for a larger load.

We collect, clean and refill the empty glass container and return it for your next use. You get $2 off your next refill if your container is collected successfully. No commitment to refill.
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Food grade stainless steel.


plastic-free &
low-carbon delivery

Delivery fee $4.95. If you also order food from
COVID Food Delivery, delivery is free.
Deliver every Wednesday. We’re based in Alexandria, NSW.
Currently deliver to
homes and offices in Sydney:
within 12km from Alexandria Postcodes
  • Pickup available at Cafe 0.6, 11 Bowden St, Alexandria.

covid-19 food delivery

During COVID-19, we’ve partnered with our local cafe, Cafe 0.6 to bring you the essentials you need.

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