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Refill as you go. No commitment | 30-day money-back guarantee for your 1st order
30-day money-back guarantee
for your 1st order
Pack of 5 dual packs

Pack of 5 dual packs

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We’ve started to expand our delivery areas, but we need your help making it sustainable.

If you’d like to order, get your friends and family in your local area to join you. Delivering in batches will help us cover our delivery costs and launch our service in your area.

Available for these postcodes:
Southern Sydney: 2205, 2207–2209, 2216–2220
The Northern Beaches: 2096, 2097, 2099–2104, 2106–2108 (single order is available for 2092–2095)
Offices: all eligible postcodes

Alternatively, join our waitlist. See FAQ below.

EASY REFILL: We collect, clean and refill your empty glass jar. You get a $2 reward for your next refill.
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Delivery fee $5.95.

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  • 30 Days
    money back guarantee
  • $2 Reward
    for every jar collected

For orders delivered to southern Sydney,
the northern beaches and offices.


What’s in a dual pack?

Our dual pack contains a laundry powder (850g), a dishwasher powder (850g) and a measuring spoon. Read more about our dual pack.

We can change it to these mixes for you:

  • - 2x laundry powder + 1 spoon
  • - 2x dishwasher powder + 1 spoon

If you’d like to change to any of these mixes, leave us a note at checkout or email us

Why can’t I buy a single pack?

Because of our zero-waste delivery and collection model, we’ve been delivering only 12km around us and have just started expanding to your area now. As you’re a little far away from us (Rosebery), we’ll need to engage an external driver to deliver to you. By ordering 5 dual packs with your friends and family, you will help us:

  • - Cover the delivery cost for our driver. You’ll only pay $5.95 like everyone else.
  • - Build a customer base in your local area. A larger volume coming from your local area will enable us to deliver a single pack to you sooner.
  • - Minimise your carbon footprint. Instead of delivering only your order, one trip to you will serve your friends and family too!

What if I can’t get enough people to join me?

We understand! You can join our waitlist for your areas. When we accumulate 10 customers on the waitlist, we’ll notify you, and you can put through your order then. Email us

Everyone still has lots of existing product left. How long can we store yours for?

Our product shelf life is 12 months. Lots of our customers started using our product along with their existing product, slowly transitioning to using ours completely. You have no commitment to refill, so you can use it for as long as you like, and refill whenever you’re ready.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes. We have pickup points in Alexandria, North Sydney and Castle Hill. No minimum quantity. You can buy a single product. Head to our shop.

For questions about our refill delivery process, visit FAQ